children's environments research group

children's environments research group

Our vision is a just and inclusive world where children and youth, in partnership with their families, neighbors and communities, have the opportunity to participate in the creation of environments that support their right to live, learn and play.

Children, Nature & Sustainability

The issue of children’s accessibility to natural environments has always been a primary concern of CERG (for example, please see Wildlands for Children). We believe... Read More "Children, Nature & Sustainability"

Ecological Study of Children’s Lives

Although all of our work is driven by a desire to have a direct impact on children's lives, not all of it is designed with... Read More "Ecological Study of Children’s Lives"

Children’s Citizenship & Participation in Governance

From its inception CERG has taken every opportunity to create ways to involve children themselves in the process of research, planning and design of environments,... Read More "Children’s Citizenship & Participation in Governance"

Design: Programming & Evaluation

CERG has consulted on many design projects with children in mind,  ranging from urban design, landscape architecture, architecture and product design for children's safety. The... Read More "Design: Programming & Evaluation"

Methodological Innovations

Based in our conviction of the importance of finding ways to listen to children we have been driven to develop new kinds of research tools... Read More "Methodological Innovations"

Community Development & Planning

CERG is committed to finding way to contribute to the development of more inclusive and participatory forms of democratic community governance. We have been particularly... Read More "Community Development & Planning"


CERG has a particular concern with the improvements in the quality of play opportunities in cities. This is related to research carried out by CERG... Read More "Play"

Urban Poverty & Social/Environmental Justice

Our work in this area is related to our understanding of children's development in relation to qualities of the physical environment and to our knowledge... Read More "Urban Poverty & Social/Environmental Justice"